ISCA Update:

Choosing a school: A strong online presence vs face-to-face contact

In choosing which type of school to send their children, parents are influenced by a variety of factors, including academic outcomes, religious affiliation, quality teaching, a supportive caring environment, quality leadership and the range of extra-curricular opportunities. However, the research shows that when it comes to choosing a specific school, factors influencing choice appear to become more about how a school informs the surrounding community about its individual characteristics and strengths.

With today's world seemingly dominated by the online realm it would make sense for schools to embrace modern channels such as social media, school websites, MySchool, and NAPLAN to build or maintain community awareness. But it is worth examining just how significant these types of online influences have become. Are they the main game today, or is there still a place for tried and true approaches such as physical community engagement and face-to-face contact? However, the 2016 research clearly shows that parents with children across all types of schools recorded word of mouth from friends or other parents as the most influential information source (53% Independent, 49% Government, 44% Catholic). This is similar to the 2006 result where the same portion (53%) of Independent School parents indicated the same.

ISCA recently undertook research to identify factors that affect school choice across the Independent, Catholic and Government School sectors, and compared them to similar research Isca undertook 10 years earlier. The results showed less change than some might expect.

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