ASBA WA Strategic Activities

Your ASBA WA Executive Committee has been hard at work, strategic planning and getting on with the job!

The WA Executive Committee have embarked on a proactive approach in meeting our obligations to the core values of ASBA.  The committee met in May to discuss the strategic direction of our chapter.  Key areas of discussion are listed below:

Membership Engagement

  • Communications – to be more frequent and consistent and to implement a WA newsletter to be delivered to members 4-5 times per year;
  • Special Interest Groups – create small group PD's of different interests that will be hosted at different schools;
  • Clean-up of Membership database and improving the onboarding of new members.


  • ASBA Executive to meet twice per term;
  • Review policies and documents associated with key functions of ASBA WA;
  • Develop a policy register;
  • Update or write job descriptions for Executive Committee members and review Terms of Reference;
  • Review the current central database of ASBA WA documents.


  • Develop a clear rationale for the level of targeted cash surplus;
  • Create an investment portfolio for surplus funds;
  • Utilise surplus funds to further develop PD opportunities;
  • Review current transactional banking arrangements;
  • Maintaining a rolling 3-year budget with YTD.


  • Maintain regular contact with WA Gold Sponsors;
  • Maintain current 4 sponsors and expand sponsorship by another 2 sponsors from unrelated/noncompetitive industries;
  • Maintain current annual sponsorship fee;
  • The additional income from 2 new sponsors will be utilised to fund initiatives for subsidies for individual PD opportunities.

Professional Development

  • Create opportunities for Special Interest Groups (SIGs) - both topic based (e.g. ICT) and location based (i.e. northern suburbs);
  • Deliver meaningful speakers to engage members at Term meetings;
  • Engage with members to discern significant PD;
  • Ensure bi-annual conference continues to attract strong member representation.


  • Maintain and engage with Retired Bursars;
  • Maintain and engage with current members.

The Executive had a detailed and robust conversation about the mixing of term meetings with PD opportunities.  It was agreed to try a new system of Term meetings where the President will provide an overview address with invitation for general questions from the membership base.  This system will be complemented with written reports from each portfolio and e-newsletter.  All reading material will be emailed to all members prior to the meeting and will be taken as read.  This decision was relayed at our Term 2 meeting with acceptance from the attendees.