NAB Independent Schools Survey 2017: Student Wellbeing

NAB Economics, in collaboration with the bank's specialised NAB Education business segment, has engaged with 91 independent schools across Australia, to provide insight into the concerns of students and the important role schools can play in helping them prepare for the future.

Overall, independent schools believe their students are coping only "moderately" well with their anxiety, however, primary school students – both boys and girls – are coping much better than secondary students.

While it's very clear that our students are experiencing heightened anxiety, most schools are not only aware of this issue but proactive in attempting to manage it - around 9 in 10 independent schools surveyed have a specifically defined "wellbeing" program in place. With schools operating in an increasingly scrutinised environment, this report serves as a reminder of the complex pressures facing children today, as well as the investment being made by many schools to help them not only academically, but also emotionally.

The NAB survey found that the number (and variety) of programs was significant - they ranged from:

  • "big brother/big sister"
  • employing school chaplains, counsellors & psychologists
  • dedicated "wellbeing times" during the day
  • student wellbeing committees
  • multi-disciplinary teams working with "at risk" students across all ages
  • onsite health service provision (speech pathology, physiology, paediatrics, occupational, physiotherapy, etc.)
  • structured programs such as KidsMatter, MindMatters, Men of Honour & Women of Worth

The report is attached for member's information. Further details can also be found here.

NAB Report into Wellbeing
NAB Report into Wellbeing
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