NMC 2017 Horizons Report - Technology in K-12 Schools

With more than 15 years of research and publications, the NMC Horizon Report Project is education's longest running exploration of emerging technology trends and uptake. The research behind the NMC/CoSN Horizon Report: 2017 K–12 Edition is jointly conducted by the New Media Consortium (NMC) and the Consortium for School Networking (CoSN) and is made possible by mindSpark Learning. These reports have been published annually since 2012 and provide a great snapshot on where education is at with technology... and what's coming... and what could be coming.

The report charts the five-year impact of innovative practices and technology for K–12 education around the world, looking at six key trends, six significant challenges, and six developments in educational technology. More than 60 researchers and experts collaborated to select and explore these topics which are poised to impact teaching, learning, and creative inquiry in K–12 education.

The Report highlights the following:

  • Short term: a focus on improving digital literacy and learning experiences that relate to real life; further development of maker spaces and robotics; coding as a literacy and the inclusion of "The Arts" in the STEM integrated learning... STEAM.
  • Medium term: rethinking the role of teachers, teaching computational thinking; using augmented/virtual reality in the classroom and redesigning learning spaces; measuring learning and developing deeper analytics
  • Long term: sustaining innovation through leadership changes; advancing cultures of innovation and deeper learning approaches; and dealing with artificial intelligence as well as the "internet of things'

Attached for some light bed-time reading is the Horizon Report in full, and the digital toolkit version for sharing with your school's leadership.

For further information (and subscribe to future reports), go to 2017 Horizon Report - Tech in Schools K-12

2017 NMC Horizon Report K-12
2017 NMC Horizon Report K-12
pdf (3.58 MB)
2017 NMC Horizon Report - support material
2017 NMC Horizon Report - support material
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