Special Interest Group meeting focused on Innovation, Design Thinking and Developing a Growth Mindset

The Commonwealth Bank kindly hosted and sponsored an ASBA WA  Special Interest Group meeting focused on Innovation. Held at their Perth Offices on 11 May, Poppy Rouse from CBA delivered the short workshop presentation "How To Develop The Mindset And Leadership Skills To Lead Innovation In Your Organisation" and talked about how school leaders  can develop a growth mindset and use the tools of "design thinking" as the cornerstone of bringing innovation to our schools. Poppy, in her role as Schools & Not-for-Profit Sector Innovation Manager, works extensively with schools and other NFP's to accessCommBank's Innovation Lab assets, and get the benefits through the adoption of design thinking, regardless of budget limitations.

One aspect of interest and discussion was in recognising the workplace situations which bring about a "fixed mind-set" and a rigidity to how we respond to challenges and obstacles, versus a "growth mind-set" which is underpinned by a desire to learn, embrace challenges and persist in the face of setbacks.  Members will get an opportunity at the ASBA State Conference in September to learn more about innovation and design thinking.


There will be more Special Interest Group meetings through 2018 and beyond, as ASBA WA seeks to provide opportunities for members to explore topics of interest and value to them, in greater depth and with exposure to leading practitioners and other Business Managers similarly interested.

Our thanks as always to Poppy and Amanda Day at CBA for hosting the workshop.